A New Start

It sounds a bit ridiculous to refer to myself as a hero, but we’re all the hero in our own story, whether we like it or not.

In my personal heroic journey, the dragon is slain. The hero has returned to his home village, only to discover he is a stranger in a strange land. To make matters worse, there’s a dragon harassing the local countryside, and a new adventure awaits. The villagers turn to the hero, who wants nothing more than to drink wine at the tavern and forget that he ever returned, and ask him for help.

“Who, me?” asks the hero.

“Yes, who else?” they answer.

And so it is. The hero must continue the journey. This time, he’s a little more prepared. Actually, he’s a lot more prepared. He has brought back something called the “boon,” great wisdom and ability learned on his previous travels.

Things got very busy the week after my last blog post. A lot happened. So much happened that I don’t even know where to begin. My wife and I moved our family from Japan, where we had lived for a decade, to a place in America that none of us had never lived.

I arrived two months before the family. It was a full moon on a Halloween night. I created a household from the ground up, and started a new job. I had mastered my life in Japan. Why would I want to return? Refusal of the return was so tempting, the inertia preventing it so hard. There, I was a hero, a celebrity. Here, I’m a nobody. Or am I? I’m an apparent nobody with heroic experience, beyond what ordinary folks will ever know.

What is the boon that I’ve brought back? How can I use it for good?

Exactly five months have passed since my last blog post. I feel like I’ve forgotten how to write. This is just a start, an attempt to return to beneficial tech.